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Fantastic job as usual. Loved the whole thing, even though some parts made me sad. The part with the pie was funny. Had a bit of trouble picking out the "PROCEED" button to start it, but I don't think you can do much as far as that XD. A bit sad that this is the final episode, usually I hate cliffhangers, but it leaves the rest to your imagination. Thanks for using "Forsaken Carnival", I think it fit in pretty well. I hope to see more from you soon!

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Heh, thank you for MAKING Forsaken Carnival, tis a great track


I luvs the protagonist! Her hair is wicked! Yeah I probably should have upped the volume on some of the voices >> I laughed my ass off with the Juggernaut XD "THIS SUCKS". The ending was kick-ass my friends. I'm glad you allowed me to be included in this XD also glad I got around to finishing the female voices, next time maybe send me some of your voice clips so I can match the volume of mine with yours to be consistent :)

Thanks for mentioning my song in the credits :D

I think all of the animation was good, and all aspects were interesting. It was a nice touch of how the buttons worked XD I've seen so many who have gotten that wrong. Only issue I found was when I went to click "Authors" and the music overlapped. When I went to retest it, it did it again. Other than that, it was pretty good :) Thanks for using my music piece :D

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I'm glad you like my music, thank you for using it! It works well with the atmosphere, but it gets repetitive. In general the song repeats the same notes over and over again, with not much difference throughout. This might make players feel they're hearing the same sounds again and again, which does get annoying after awhile. It's well suited to menus and other things that don't take users a while to get through. Ways to avoid this include: picking pieces of music that are similar (but not so much they sound exactly the same) and playing them one after the other; editing the music (with artist's permission) or asking the artist to edit it for you (Some will do this, I know I do); and another way is finding music that is more like sounds you would here in the atmosphere, like dripping pipes, wood creaking, or rodents lurking inside the walls. You can still have it loop, but have enough in it so the human ear won't easily recognize a repeated sound. Playlists where you can choose what's playing are also a good way around repetitive music.

As far as game play it's a lot like the last game you made, "Asylum Rehash". Many things about it make it seem like a remake or different version instead of a new game. I didn't like clicking on an item and then dragging it down to the inventory and clicking again.

My least favorite thing about this is the color, or lack thereof. Most of the game is gray and desaturated, with the most color being in the menu. It's understandable to dull things down to make them seem desolate, uninhabited, or old and withered. Using a little more color would hold most people's attention longer. The bright red of the menu is a little distracting. I keep looking at it instead of the game itself. Bright reds aren't necessarily bad for a menu, but it's distracting when the rest of the game is gray or very dull in color.

I did enjoy the puzzles and searching for objects. The programming was well done because I didn't run into a single glitch and all of the buttons work (which is something some people can't do right, especially around here). It's always helpful to have an easily accessible walkthrough, especially for games like these. I really liked having a way to write down notes and clues, more considerate than most Point and Click games.

It's a good game, but it could be improved or revised. Overall it's enjoyable.

Pretty Good

Kept me interested enough to finish the game, one problem was I couldn't find my song "Forsaken Carnival" anywhere in the game or on the menu, maybe I missed something? The other problem I had was that the orbs were a little too hard to see in some places.

I enjoyed the graphics, and the clues were pretty good too. They weren't too obvious, and they went well with the obstacles they were intended for.

84%, seems pretty accurate.

It's very nice that you went back and updated, most others would have said "Ah heck with it, good enough".
The info was pretty good, except the flame thrower, it would take a while for the fire to get through the layers of skin, muscle, bone and other organs in order to kill anything quick enough. It may even turn the zombies into a walking hazard, with the possibility to light your shelter or other surroundings on fire. Plus, it cannot be used (safely at least) to open crates, doors, or anything you may need to get into. Not to mention limited ammunition. The crowbar would most likely be the best bet (for me at least). It's meant for opening things, but sturdy enough to cave in a few skulls. It doesn't use any ammunition, and it's fairly easy to carry.
One thing you could have included was a section on first aid. It would be very useful to know how to properly care for wounds, or else you've got more issues than just walking dead to worry about. You would have a greater chance of keeping yourself, or anyone with you, alive.
The music was a nice choice, didn't make it corny (like many zombie quizzes).
Overall, fun quiz. A few facts could be checked over, mostly weapons. A few things could be added, such as scenarios.

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Fairly short, but in this case it isn't a bad thing, you knew just when to stop. It's hard to make something short that some one will want to listen to over and over again. I'm guilty of that, seeing as it's atleast the 14th time through.

Drum lines are awesome, not the same one repeating. It has a pretty good amount of variation, favorite part is around 00:36.
There's fuzziness that Industrial typically has, but you didn't over-do it (aka make it sound like nails in a blender).
the melody is probably the most captivating part of this song. it's varied, but not freestyle. The melody isn't something you stole from somebody else, a lot of people go for something that's ALREADY become popular, like from Cheshyre or Waterflame. I honestly can't compare it to anybody's music as far as melody goes.
As far as compatibility with the type of flash, it would fit with any kind of action game or movie. Placement would work in almost any part of a game or movie, it could be in the credits, the intro, the menu, a fight scene, or any other intense part.
This is something I'm going to come back to and download. I truthfully don't think anything needs to be changed, but who knows, a different version could end up twice as awesome. I hope I hear more music from you in the future :)

wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your detailed review, I appreciate it! ;D

I tried playing it with my guitar, and it sounded very good, but I haven't been able to get the right sound yet. I recorded it several times, but although it sounded a lot more aggressive and powerful than the original version, it was far away from perfect. I hope I'll get it done some day, though.


This is made of more than just epic win

started looking through the Industrial submissions for songs I could draw along with, which implies that I didn't read the author comment, at first. As it got going around 1:10 I was thinking "Hmm... robots?" then at 1:40 I was like "YES ROBOTS". This is probably the most ear holding and mind captivating songs I've ever heard. I hope you win :D this sounds like it had quite a bit of effort put into it.

winKoneR responds:

Thanks for one of the greatest review I ever got :) I didn't place in the contest, but as I said, I got very nice feedback from listeners, and that is the WIN my friend ;) Thanks for listening and reviewing... cya !


The beat in the beginning makes me think of an introduction scene, that's my favorite part. Later when it goes on, it gets a little "fuzzy". Maybe try a compressor of some sort? I'd keep working on it. It seems to have a lot of potential.

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A very accurate depiction of Sanford. The lighting and shading are right on. The variation of lines makes it interesting to look at, you didn't use just one boring thick or one boring thin line. Frontward angles on guns can be a bit difficult to do, but you've captured it well. The blood splatters behind him are great and look like they might have taken some time to do. It also seems a little versatile as well, it would also look nice on a black background, but the white is probably a better choice. Very awesome.


that's really resourceful. I can see the different parts of the rotary phone. I really like the mouth. Really nice work!

antiandy responds:

Thank you, glad you dig it.
The mouth was actually the hardest part, because I used pieces of the phone cord, drastically cut and colorchanged them, and then had to bend them to a proper mouth shape.


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